What Upgrades to Look Forward to on the 2024 Toyota 4Runner

March 22nd, 2023 by

The upcoming sixth-generation 4Runner, otherwise called the 2024 Toyota 4Runner, has plenty of upgrades that drivers can look forward to. This has been a long time coming since the fifth generation made its debut in 2009. Here are a few things we can look forward to with the 2024 4Runner.


2024 Toyota 4Runner: Highly Anticipated Arrival

Since Toyota decided they would update 2023 for the 2024 model, it is probable we will see it this coming year. There are reports of a new American Land Cruiser, so anything is possible. With the updates announced for the 2023 year, we are likely to see an entirely revamped 2024 RAV4.


A Hybrid Engine

Toyota announced the goal of all vehicles with a hybrid option by the year 2025. With this deadline fast approaching, it seems highly likely we will see the 2024 RAV4 in this group. We are betting on the 2.4-liter Max powertrain that is in the Hybrid. This puts out about 400 pound-feet of torque and 340 horsepower. It is hoped to be on the level of the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.


2024 Toyota 4Runner with a 4-Cylinder Engine

The short answer here is likely. This is because Toyota has been decreasing engine size across its SUV and truck lineup. V8s are going to V6s, and so on. With the 4Runner currently equipped with a V6 4.0-liter, a 4-cylinder powertrain in the future is likely. Many people expect to see the 2.4-liter 4-cylinder inline that the new Lexus NX 350 comes with. This provides 317 pound-feet of torque and 275 horsepower. Drivers should be surprised that there will be more torque than the larger engine with more cylinders.


The 2024 4Runner Should Have an Updated Interior

The newest generation Tundra had an overhaul of its interior, so it stands to reason the 2024 4Runner will follow its lead. Drivers will likely see the same renewed infotainment system that was introduced with the Lexus as well as an option for a 14-inch screen. Though Toyota isn’t typically known for luxurious interiors, we expect to see some changes here.


Will the 2024 4Runner Have an Electric Version?

The EV roadmap was previewed by Toyota in 2021, and the following fall reports forced them to rethink. The release of a 2024 Electronic 4Runner is unlikely. There are some reports of an electric Tacoma making an appearance, yet nothing of an electric 4Runner. There is hope for its appearance with the seventh generation.


University Toyota Can Answer Your 2024 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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