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What Should Be in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit

It’s not every day we think of negative circumstances while on the road. We do, however, think about what we could’ve done to prevent an incident while experiencing it in the moment. University Toyota wants you to stay safe and prepared for any occasion.

We recommend having an emergency kit inside your vehicle always. You may never use your car emergency kit, but you will thank yourself later if something ever does happen.

Here are nine items that should be in your vehicles emergency kit:

1. First-Aid Kit

This will come in handy if you are involved in an accident. It can also include necessary medication in case you become stranded.

2. Fire Extinguisher

Small fires can occur when we least expect it, especially if accidents are involved.

3. Jumper Cables

Experiencing a dead battery is a common issue among drivers. Have jumper cables in case you or someone else needs them.

4. Tow Ropes

When your car is not drivable, have tow ropes handy and have other drivers help you out of your situation.

5. Car Jumper Starter

When you’re in need of jumper cables starting your vehicle but no cars are in sight, this self car jumper starter will come in good use. Consider having both for safety precautions.

6. Fluids

The time spent waiting around can cause thirst or dehydration. Have at least a gallon of water or plastic water bottles available.

7. Non-Perishables

Think trail mix, granola bars, energy bars, dried fruit, or anything small that will last a good amount of time.

8. Spare Tire

Most cars have a spare tire, but if not, include one and make sure everything is in good condition.

9. Flash Light

This will help you at night or can be used as a signal.

Incidents can be managed with the proper kit. Take a few minutes to put the most necessary items together and add things as they need to be added. Contact your team at University Toyota if you’d like more tips!