Know Your Trade Value and Don’t be Trapped in Your Current Vehicle

July 16th, 2021 by

If you have an old car and you’re ready to upgrade to one that has more advanced technology, it’s time to trade your old ride for a new or used model at University Toyota.  This is where you’ll get the most out of your trade and find the best financing for the next vehicle you drive.  Don’t be trapped in your current vehicle, we will buy your old car and pay you on the spot.

Get a Free Appraisal Today

Have you ever visited a dealership and felt like you weren’t given a choice but to trade your old vehicle in when looking at a new one?  That’s not what you’ll find at University Toyota.  When you visit this location, you can get a free trade appraisal to let you know what your old ride is worth.  This is an important aspect of the purchase of a new or used model on the lot.  With this information, you can calculate the amount you’ll have to pay every month and for the entire vehicle.

Use the Payment Calculator Online

Once you have the free appraisal value of your vehicle, you can either shop with the team at University Toyota or head home to look at models online.  There’s no pressure to buy from this location when you get your trade value, you can work with the team or shop online and find the right model for you to drive.  The appraisal will have a date on it to give you a certain period of time before the estimated value expires, which allows you to know that this value is good for a few days, giving you time to make up your mind.

What Can You Put Your Trade Toward?

What do you want to drive?  Every vehicle on the lot at University Toyota is a possible fit for you and your trade.  No matter what you select, you can easily put the trade value toward that model and know that your payments will be lower than if you didn’t have a trade.  No matter the condition, age, or mileage of the vehicle you’re trading in, you won’t feel trapped in your current vehicle when you see our team at University Toyota.  Let our team buy your old car and pay you on the spot.

Get the Best Deal Today

If you’re looking for the best deal that you can secure when you want to drive a different vehicle, you need to see our team at University Toyota today.  Get a free trade appraisal, check out the inventory offered, and ask about the easy financing programs that will ensure you have low payments for your next ride.  We make sure you don’t have to feel trapped in your current vehicle.  Bring your car to our team at University Toyota and we will buy your old car and pay you on the spot.

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