Toyota RAV4 Vs. RAV4 Hybrid – Shop New Vehicles at Your Local Toyota Dealer in Morgantown, WV

November 20th, 2023 by

Shopping for a new vehicle can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. You may feel a little stressed in trying to discover the right model. You’ll often find yourself comparing a few choices and deciding which makes the most sense for your budget and needs. When you visit your local Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV, check out the Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Both have appealing features and offer dependability. There are also some key differences you’ll want to explore.

Engine Power and Performance

These two compact crossover SUVs perform well against the competition. They’re versatile enough to excel in everyday conditions but can also go off-road and conquer demanding terrain. The traditional RAV4 has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 203 horsepower. It accelerates to 60 mph in eight seconds. On the other hand, when you visit a Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV, you’ll notice that the hybrid version is a little more powerful. It can produce 219 horsepower with its 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors. The RAV4 Hybrid reaches 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds. It also uses a continuously variable-speed transmission rather than the eight-speed automatic transmission of the regular RAV4.

Fuel Economy

If your choice comes down to which vehicle offers better gas mileage, the decision isn’t that difficult. As you would expect, the hybrid model wins this contest. You can ask about specifics when you shop at a Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV. The RAV4 Hybrid provides a combined 40 miles per gallon of gas mileage, including 41 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. The regular RAV4 is no slouch, however. It gets 30 combined miles per gallon. The highway fuel economy is especially good at 35 miles per gallon.

Storage Space

While shopping at a Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV, you’ll look closely at many factors, including how much room you’ll have inside. Because you’ll likely plan to use your vehicle for road trips and taking care of daily errands, you’ll need it to fit your belongings as you go from place to place. The RAV4 and the RAV4 Hybrid model have no difference in this area. Both vehicles provide 69.8 cubic feet of storage behind the front seats. Even behind the second row, you’ll still have 37.6 cubic feet of cargo capacity to work with. This should be enough room to store items such as luggage, groceries, camping gear, and a host of other materials that you’ll have with you. Passenger space is also good, as both vehicles seat five people comfortably.

Use this guide to help you decide whether to go with the Toyota RAV4 or the RAV4 Hybrid. Both vehicles have some attractive features and capabilities. When you are ready to purchase one, come to a Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV, you trust. Shop at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, today and bring home one of these exciting SUVs.

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