To Lease or to Buy a Toyota 4runner?

November 22nd, 2020 by


When making the decision as to whether or not you should buy or lease a Toyota 4runner, the decision is simple: you do whatever is best for you, but in today’s most, we’ll examine some of the slightly differences between both decisions and ultimately help you figure out whether the decision to get your hands on a brand-new or certified pre owned Toyota 4Runner lease is right for you.


Pro: No Long-term Commitment

Unlike buying, when you lease the 4Runner, you’re not committed to keeping it for the long-haul, but the good news is: if you did decide to keep it, the 4Runner would be with you for the long haul. One of the primary reasons the 4Runner is an ultra-popular compact SUV is due in large part to the fact that it’s designed with wear-and-tear in mind.


The 4Runner was originally built as an offroading, exploratory SUV, and it has since become a cult classic among Toyota lovers because they realized that the 4Runner can do a whole lot more beyond just going mudding or exploring tough terrain. It’s a great urban exploration vehicle, but if you’re more prone to driving in tough and tumbling environments, your 4Runner lease will serve you well.


Enjoying the ride for as long as you want, long or short, is definitely a major check mark in the pro-leasing category.

Pro: Pay as You Go

With a lease payment, you can pay for your 4Runner over time, rather than having to commit to one lump sum. This is a major pro for those that are simply looking to make the most of their investment without a considerable amount of money down. This is a major feather in the cap for folks who prefer to pay as they go, rather than paying upfront. 


Pro: An Amazing Investment

When you own a Toyota 4Runner, you’re truly investing in something, rather than owning something to own it. By that, we mean that you’re investing in a vehicle that is going to be the favorite car of your children and then your children’s children. That’s how reliable Toyota vehicles are, and in truth, they deliver so much more beyond a reliable ride.


They’re a heck of a lot of fun to drive, too! 


The 4Runner was made for tough terrain, and it’s sharp exterior is attractive and eye-catching, especially when you rev its 4.0L 6 cylinder engine up inclines and other terrain.

The Verdict? You Can’t Go Wrong—Buy or Lease a Toyota 4Runner at University Toyota!

No matter the choice you make, you can’t go wrong. Whether you buy or lease a 4Runner, you’re making a good decision. At University Toyota, we have a wide selection of great Toyota vehicles, including the 4Runner. Come drive off in one today!

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