The Toyota RAV4 vs. RAV4 Hybrid: Which Is Best for You?

December 25th, 2023 by

If you are torn between the Toyota RAV4 and its Hybrid version, consult the auto experts at University Toyota. Turning to this trusted Toyota dealer in Morgantown, WV, will help you get the answers you need.


Keep reading to get a closer look at the features of a standard Toyota RAV4 and the RAV4 hybrid.



The regular Toyota RAV4 comes standard with a four-cylinder, 2.5-liter engine that puts out 203 horsepower. When you drive the hybrid model, you can expect another 16 horsepower from the electric motor combo. The standard RAV4 from your Toyota dealer in Morgantown comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and the hybrid comes with a CVT.


The RAV4 Hybrid is surprisingly quicker than the standard when reaching 60 miles per hour by almost a full second. Overall, drivers prefer the RAV4 Hybrid right off the line because of the effortless way it handles. Each model is well known for providing a smooth ride and excellent handling characteristics.


Interior Space

Test drive a RAV4 from a Toyota dealer in Morgantown, and you will notice that each version has the same space. You will find 37.6 cubic feet behind the back seats and 69.8 cubic feet behind the driver and passenger seats. Each Toyota RAV4 model, including the hybrid, will give you and your passengers more than enough room for road trips.


Fuel Efficiency

The RAV4 Hybrid has better fuel economy. You can expect to see 41/38/40 miles per gallon when concerning city/highway/combined driving.


When driving a standard RAV4 from your Toyota dealer in Morgantown, you’ll get 27/35/30 mpg in top form.


Toyota RAV4 Pricing Differences

The RAV4 Hybrid will cost you nearly $3,000 more than the standard RAV4. But keep in mind that you will save money on fuel over the course of owning the vehicle. Some trims will be closer in pricing than other trims, but the RAV4 Hybrid costs more overall.


Shop at a Trusted Toyota Dealer in Morgantown

When looking for a Toyota RAV4 or RAV4 Hybrid in Morgantown, WV, you need to work with a dealership that prides itself on quality. That’s why more people come to University Toyota. Aside from our wide selection of new and used vehicles, we have a trained sales team ready to answer any of your questions. We can also help you get started with a test drive.


There are several things to consider when considering which model is right for you. A standard RAV4 can offer some savings up front and a wider selection of trim levels, while a hybrid offers fuel savings.

If you like going on off-road adventures, a standard RAV4 offers the best trim levels. Discuss your needs with the trained professionals at University Toyota. We’ll help you find the best model for your lifestyle and budget. Swing by our dealership today.

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