Smart Features in the 2024 Toyota Venza – Models for Sale at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV

January 4th, 2024 by

Are you looking for a Toyota for sale in Morgantown, WV? You should consider the 2024 Venza if you want a midsize SUV. This vehicle skips the V6 for a hybrid four-cylinder engine but still delivers a solid 219 horsepower and impressive fuel efficiency. It also shines with its array of standard technology and safety features. The 2024 Toyota Venza is now available at UniversityToyota.


Below are the smart features of this Toyota for sale in Morgantown.


12.3-inch Touchscreen Display

When you explore the Venza’s interior at Toyota University, one of the first things you’ll notice is the 12.3-inch touchscreen. It’s easy to customize, making every drive perfectly tailored to you.


12.3-inch Digital Gauge Cluster

Staying connected on the road is not a problem with this Toyota for sale in Morgantown, thanks to its 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster. It’s right where you need it, showing key driving details, safety warnings, and more. You can try it out today with a test drive of the 2024 Venza at ToyotaUniversity.


Digital Rearview Mirror With HomeLink®

This Toyota for sale in Morgantown has an optional digital rearview mirror with HomeLink®. It offers a crisp, broad view without any blockages from the back. You can zoom in or out and tweak the mirror for the best view. Moreover, it lights up dark spots at night and tones down the glare from trailing headlights, keeping your view clear. The digital rearview mirror isundoubtedly another feature you must try when you visit Toyota University.


Hands-free Power Liftgate

The 2024 Venza’s tech is like a mind reader for your needs. Have you got your hands full? Just do a quick foot wave under the rear bumper. The Venza’s hands-free power liftgate will sense your Smart Key fob and pop open independently. Experience the convenience that this feature provides at Toyota University.


Star Gaze® Fixed Panoramic Roof

The interior of this Toyota for sale in Morgantown is filled with high-tech features. Among these is the optional Star Gaze® fixed panoramic roof. It goes from opaque to clear with just a push of a button. It also lets in the perfect amount of sunlight, making the Venza’s cabin feel more open, bright, and luxurious. The Venza is the first Toyota to have this innovative feature.


Five USB Ports

When you explore the Venza at Toyota University, you’ll see no shortage of charging solutions. This Toyota SUV offers two charging ports and a media port up front. It also has two more ports in the back. With USB Type-C and wireless charging ready, everyone can keep their devices powered up.


Explore the 2024 Toyota Venza in Morgantown, WV

The best way to explore these smart features of the 2024 Toyota Venza is to take it for a spin. Call University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, today to schedule an appointment. If you have questions about this Toyota SUV, feel free to speak to any staff member. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the innovative features of the 2024 Toyota Venza today.

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