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Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Car

There are many new options on the market when it comes to vehicles these days. All the different make and models can make us wonder if it’s time for an upgrade. Does that mean it’s time to buy a new car?

Timing means everything when purchasing a new car. Due to distinct lifestyles, timing does vary per person but at University Toyota, we make your decision making a lot easier. Below are signs that will hopefully help you know when the right time for you might be.


No matter how minor a repair is, investing in your car adds over time. To determine if paying for car repairs is worth it, set a limit and if future repairs are estimated to be more than that, consider a new car.

Cars are designed to last a certain amount of time. We understand you want to drive it until you no longer can, but oftentimes that will add additional stress.


Is your family growing? Do you have new hobbies? Lifestyle changes are one of the biggest reasons we see new faces at University Toyota.

Let’s say your family is expanding and your current vehicle can no longer accommodate everyone. You’ll want to consider a vehicle suitable for everyone. Or if you recently discovered adventures are for you, but your car doesn’t offer the power you need, it’s time to start shopping.


If you’re comfortable with where your current finances are, then buy the car. You’ve worked for it, so why not? We offer a large inventory and work with all budgets to help you meet your needs.


If you no longer feel safe behind the wheel, it’s time to look into a new car. By far the number one goal of your vehicle should be to get you and your family where you need to go safely. If your current vehicle is no longer meeting those needs, it’s time to buy something new.


For the most part, new features are being introduced whether they are safety or entertainment features. Whatever they may be, if your current vehicle doesn’t offer features you want/need, it’s time to make the switch.

Make an appointment with one of our sales members, and we will make sure we review your options with you. Call 304-244-3519 or stop by today!