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July 13th, 2022 by

Undoubtedly, shopping for a car is one of the most stressful tasks you can encounter. However, it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or something to avoid. Some people worry about the time it will take to shop or the hassle of going to the dealership. But now, you can shop Toyota online and make the experience more convenient and user-friendly. Thanks to SmartPath, you can now shop from your home or on the go and have all the tools you need to find the right vehicle. Now is a good time to check it out and pick the vehicle you need. 

A Brief History

The idea of shopping Toyota online is not a new concept. People have been shopping online for years. This is the case with car shopping, or at least perusing dealership inventories. In April 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toyota launched Toyota SmartPath. This became an increasingly important tool when dealerships had to close their showrooms to the public. Since its debut, the tool has served more than 150,000 customers and helped with more than 46,000 sales. At this point, 120 dealers, including University Toyota, use the system, with plenty more ready to go shortly. It enables people to shop Toyota online easily.

Inventory Details

When you have a car in mind, you’ll start to shop Toyota online. You can read about your desired car and see its features and capabilities. With Toyota SmartPath, you can get detailed information, including how many of this particular model is in stock at a nearby dealership. This system can also benefit dealers as they track inventory for sales. 

Vehicle Summary

Using Toyota SmartPath, you can learn everything you want to know about a certain Toyota vehicle. You can do this without ever leaving your comfortable home. Check out the safety features, engine power, entertainment options, and available exterior colors. You can do this with various trims of a certain model too. To shop Toyota online is a convenient and fast way to ease your trip to the dealership. 

Trade-in Information

If you are thinking of trading in your current vehicle to help you get into a new one, Toyota SmartPath can help. With this tool, you can see how much your current car is worth and how much trading it in will take off the purchase price. When you shop Toyota online this way, you can feel more prepared when you finalize the purchase of your Toyota. You can also have good information to negotiate the trade-in. This will work with any vehicle. You’ll be able to input vital information such as the year, make, model, and mileage of your trade-in, as well as the car you intend to purchase. 

Using Toyota SmartPath is easy. This method makes sense if you’re looking for a fast solution to your car-buying needs. Start shopping for Toyota online and choose the right vehicle. Then come to University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, today and talk to the sales team about your needs.

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