Shop for Your Next Toyota Online From the Comfort of Your Home With SmartPath

December 8th, 2022 by

Toyota dealers now use Toyota SmartPath to give their customers an easier and more flexible digital shopping experience. Toyota’s reputation as an innovator in the car market is likely to be strengthened by this technology. It makes it easy to shop for Toyota online.

Launch of Toyota SmartPath
Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) officially launched the Toyota SmartPath in April 2020. It is a digital retail system that enables customers to have a smooth experience when researching, comparing, and planning to shop for Toyota online.

Since the launch of Toyota SmartPath, more Toyota dealers have accepted it than any other third-party substitute. It also enabled dealers to answer more than 150,000 consumer inquiries and to complete the sale of more than 46,000 vehicles.

More than a dozen Lexus dealerships have also started rolling out Lexus Monogram, a parallel system designed for the luxury automobile market.

The Right Solution at the Right Time
TMNA has 120 dealers onboard, and another 122 are expected to go live in the coming months. When you add it all up, it becomes obvious that Toyota SmartPath, which has been in development for a while, is the right solution launched at the right time.

Toyota SmartPath gives customers the experience they are looking for when they shop for Toyota online. Every six months since the pandemic began, TMNA has doubled the size of its dealerships. For that momentum to continue, they must help their dealers. If it succeeds, SmartPath has the chance to distinguish Toyota from other car brands truly.

A ton of evidence supports the idea that COVID-19 has expedited a significant change in the automotive industry. More customers now feel comfortable shopping for Toyota online compared to several years ago. Online shopping in the United States has grown exponentially in just a few months.

Dealers have various options to help them adapt to the new system. Toyota SmartPath will only be successful if TMNA continues to enhance and increase the systems’ capabilities.

This year, the system began to support Toyota Certified Used Vehicle sales. It has also worked with Toyota Financial Services. It gives customers and dealers more options for financing and protection services for their cars. Next year, with the SmartPath and Monogram services, dealers can fully transition their service and parts retail operations online.

How It Works

Below are the steps on how to shop for Toyota online:

Browse Available Vehicles. With Toyota SmartPath, what you see is what you get. You get real-time dealer inventory and pricing. When you find a car you like, save it to your account.

Customize Your Payment Estimates. You can use the Payment Estimator to find terms that are suitable for you. You can also get a quick appraisal of your trade-in vehicle and add extras to your new Toyota. Moreover, you can choose optional accessories when you shop for Toyota online.

Apply for Financing. Through Toyota SmartPath, you can immediately apply for financing after receiving your payment estimate.

Complete Your Purchase. You can finish the purchase in person or online and then talk to the dealer about your choices. Your trade-in value will be verified after a brief inspection.

To learn more about Toyota SmartPath and how to shop for Toyota online, you may call or visit University Toyota in Morgantown, VA. Our in-house experts are more than happy to answer your questions. Even if it’s now easy to shop for Toyota online, we hope you’ll visit our dealership.

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