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How Often Should You Replace a Hybrid Battery?

Toyota Hybrid Models in City

Are you currently researching hybrid vehicles and wondering about hybrid battery replacement and hybrid battery replacement costs? Whether you’re considering a new hybrid or pre-owned hybrid, or just conducting research, University Toyota can help. Most auto manufacturers provide a warranty for their hybrid vehicles, so you should ask if a hybrid battery replacement is covered under the warranty before you buy one. If the hybrid car is beyond its warranty period, you’ll be happy to know that hybrid car battery replacement is not common. Learn more here about hybrid battery replacement and contact us if you have questions. 

How Often Should You Get a Hybrid Battery Replacement?

Hybrid batteries are typically very dependable and many Fairmont drivers report their hybrid battery lasts up to 15 years and sometimes over 150,000 miles without any major issues. Just be sure to keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance and ensure that the hybrid car you’re purchasing has a solid service history.

Hybrid Battery Car Replacement Costs and Tips

If you’ve recently had a service appointment and found that you need a hybrid battery replacement, you’re probably wondering about the hybrid battery replacement cost. Hybrid car battery replacement costs can run between $2,000 to $8,000 depending on your specific make and model and even the service center you choose to do the work. Feel free to get a quote from the University Toyota service center. Here’s some more hybrid battery information they’ve asked us to share with you:

  • Extreme temperatures around Kingwood and beyond can negatively impact your hybrid battery lifespan. 
  • Most hybrid cars have a warning system to detect anything abnormal. If you see any warning lights in your hybrid, call a service center, and don’t ignore them!
  • Sometimes a hybrid system malfunction doesn’t mean you need a hybrid battery replacement. It’s possible there could be other issues or components that require attention.

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Whether you want to upgrade your Morgantown drives with a hybrid vehicle now or in the future, University Toyota is always at your service. Keep your eyes on our new vehicle specials, and contact us when you’re ready to move forward. We’re here for you and conveniently located near %%target-city_3%%. 


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