How to be Fuel-Efficient When Driving

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Fuel efficient driving habits can end up saving you plenty of room in your budget for that next vacation or new Toyota upgrade. Whether you’re asking “How can you save fuel while driving on hills around Fairmont?” or simply looking for some tips while you’re running errands, University Toyota has the answers. Learn how to be more fuel-efficient when driving below with our simple guide.

The Basics of Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

Back in 1973, for those around Kingwood who don’t remember, the oil shortage/energy crisis led the federal government to institute a national speed limit, which lasted almost twenty years. This also occurred during World War II to save gasoline for the war effort. For many who want to know “How can you save fuel while driving on hills or flat land,” this is a guiding principle. Keeping a lower speed in general around Deep Creek, MD is one of the most fuel-efficient driving habits available. Putting less stress on your engine is key to learning how to be fuel efficient when driving.

5 More Tips for More Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

Before we get into how to be fuel-efficient while driving, keep in mind that the following tips should be combined with safe driving techniques and while obeying the law, with courtesy to other drivers. That being said, our team has put together a few more tips to keep your wallet and gas tank full:

  • Accelerate Softly: This is an important part of the answer to “How can you save fuel while driving on hills?” The harder you press the accelerator, the more fuel you use. Try to take at least five seconds to bring your vehicle up to 10 mph from a standstill.
  • Beat the Traffic: Even with innovations in the latest new hybrids, stop-and-go traffic is a major strain on your drivetrain and fuel tank. Avoid rush hour when possible and take a more fluid route with fewer lights.
  • Use Air Conditioning Sparingly: Up to 20%% of fuel consumption is caused by air conditioning. Use the Recirculate function to reduce and reuse the cold air you need to keep the summer heat at bay.
  • Coast to a Stop: Consider the road ahead. If you can take your foot off the gas pedal and coast to reduce speed, you’ll improve gas mileage and create less wear for your breaks.
  • How Can You Save Fuel While Driving on Hills?: Reduce speed as you venture uphill, then coast down as much as possible.

Find Your Fuel-Efficient Upgrade at University Toyota

For more great tips on how to get into a car budget that suits you, take a look at our University Toyota guides for how to rotate tires or how often to check your oil. Our Morgantown team is committed to keeping you and your Toyota at its best, from that first mile to your next trade-in. Finding your drives not efficient even using these tips? It may be time to upgrade to a new-to-you car with high MPG!

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