Save on Maintenance with These Service Specials

June 18th, 2022 by

Auto servicing in Morgantown should be easy to fit into your budget. That is why University Toyota offers service coupons near me. From tire rotations to pothole repairs, we provide plenty of ways for you to save money. Remember that spending a little on preventative maintenance will save you hundreds or thousands. Similarly, taking care of minor repairs early on is much more affordable than repairing the extensive issues that can occur if left alone. 


Alignment, Rotation, and Balancing


One of our most popular service coupons near me is for a four-wheel alignment, tire rotation, and tire balance. But why do these services matter? This combination of services prevents premature wear on your tires, as well as uneven wear. Uneven wear is, unfortunately, a natural consequence of driving, and it can cause issues like weight imbalances or your steering wheel shimmying or shaking. 


Uneven wear is a major concern, as it can make it harder to control your car, putting you at risk of an accident. Premature wear and tear will cost you more money in the long run as you will have to replace your tires more frequently. Avoid future auto servicing in Morgantown with our current service coupons near me. 


You need all three services – alignment, rotation, and balancing, to minimize the impact of uneven and excessive wear and tear. After all, a car without aligned wheels makes some tires and wheels work harder than others. And unless you rotate your tires, your driving habits affect your tires differently. For example, heavy braking causes more wear to the front tires than the rear ones. 


Our Pothole Special


As mentioned in the title, we have service coupons near me for all three of these for just $89.95. This is our pothole special, as all three address issues commonly caused by potholes. If you are worried about the damage caused by driving through potholes, make an appointment for auto servicing in Morgantown. 


Tire Special


Even with a tire rotation and balancing, you will eventually need to replace your tires; you will be able to wait longer. When it comes time for new tires, take advantage of our service special. One of our current service coupons near me saves you money on your next purchase of tires. When you buy three, the fourth tire only costs $1. Our offerings for auto servicing in Morgantown mean we will also install the tires for you. 


Schedule Service at University Toyota


Whether you want to take advantage of one of our coupons or our regular competitive pricing, we make it easy to schedule auto servicing in Morgantown. You can easily schedule service at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, via our website. If you prefer, you can also send us a message, text us, or call us. As you wait for our technicians to complete your service, take advantage of our free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating area, water, coffee, and TV.

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