Rav4 vs. Highlander: Which is Better?

October 7th, 2020 by

There are a lot of vehicles on the road today, but among the most desirable, most people point towards the Rav4 and Highlander as prime options for vehicles that are definite must-owns. But in the Toyota family, there are a lot of fierce sibling rivalries. 


Aside from Camry and Corolla, don’t forget the other ultra-contentious showdown: Rav4 and Highlander.


For those expecting an all-out slugfest, sorry, you’re going to end up disappointed. You can’t go wrong with either vehicle, but we’ll help you narrow down your selection so you can walk away owning one of the infest automobiles money can buy.

The Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 has a long legacy that goes back decades. The story behind its name is that it originally stood for “Recreational Activity Vehicle, 4-wheel drive.” It was a fitting name since the super-compact First Generation Rav4 was made for cruising through hilltops, trudging across muddy terrain, and crunching past rocky, uneven territory. 


Today, the Rav4 has come a long way. It ditched its austere exterior for a sleek, angular, and aggressive frame that retained the same adventurous spirit the Rav4 introduced to the marketplace at an entry-level price point more than 40 years ago.


Nowadays, the Rav4 offers next-generation styling and technology, while still holding on to its vestigial streak of adventurism. The Rav4 is built for the offroader, the beachside surfer, the eclectic explorer who cares more about a vehicle that gets the job done than a brand name.


Compared to the Highlander, the Rav4 is smaller and more compact, but it’s a better value and a better pick for a single person or couple just looking to discover the great outdoors in one heck of a ride.

The Toyota Highlander

No, it’s not named after that movie you’ve heard of, but it’s still a ride worthy of being on the silver screen. That’s because the Highlander is a flat out star. It boasts a powerful 3.5L 6 cylinder engine, and it boasts 180-plus horsepower, making it an absolute animal for its size and price point.


The Highlander is bigger and beefier than its little brother, the Rav4, but it’s intended for a different audience. The Highlander is a couple’s vehicle. It can tow, it can haul, and it can comfortably seat a full family without any issues thanks to its spacious seating, generous cargo capacity, and next-generation technology and styling. 


The reviews for the Highlander highlight its popularity amongst %%target__city_1%% drivers and experts alike.  It’s a vehicle that’s built for a value-minded consumer, and rest assured, you will not find another like it on the marketplace. 

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