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Planning to Buy a Used Car

Are you considering buying a used car? There are many circumstances where a used car is the best way to go. At University Toyota we can help you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle that will meet all of your driving needs. Our pre-owned inventory includes cars, trucks and SUVs. Our Toyota dealership is a family-owned business and understands your needs.


To get started finding the make and model that will meet all your expectations, our sales staff recommends setting a budget. Although our used cars are affordable, it’s helpful for us if we have a planned budget from you.

Quick Pre-Qualify


Based on your budget, researching the make and model you are interested in will provide a general idea of features and trims available for each. Check out our inventory to see if we have those options available. Talk to us by calling 304-244-3519 if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

New Inventory

Test Drive

When you are ready, set up an appointment to test drive the used car of interest. Our sales team encourages you to test drive a few vehicles to find the one that you’re most interested in and that you feel most comfortable driving.

Schedule A Test Drive

Why is a used car the way to go?t

  • Money – We also offer specials on quality used vehicles, helping you save money
  • Depreciation – When you purchase a new vehicle, the dollar value automatically goes down the moment you drive off the lot. Avoid depreciation by going with a used car. A used car has all the same qualities besides the “new” car smell at University Toyota. Even a car that is a year older will be cheaper than a brand new one!
  • Insurance Deals – A used car will most likely give you the opportunity to get lower auto insurance rates!

We’d love to review everything with you in person and let you test drive our used vehicles. Stop by our dealership in Morgantown today to get the car you’ve been wanting! We ensure high-quality cars, so what are you waiting for? Call 304-296-4401 today.