Need New Tires? Buy 3 and Get the 4th for $1.00 at University Toyota Near Cassville, WV

When it’s time for a set of new tires near me, take advantage of our special deal at University Toyota near Cassville, WV. We are proud to be your source for Toyota tires near me. If you aren’t sure whether you need to replace your tires, our technicians can inspect them and help you decide.

Our Tire Special

Buying Toyota tires near me is incredibly affordable, thanks to the current special at our dealership. When you buy three tires, you get the fourth one for just $1.00. These instant savings make it easier to fit your new tires near me into your budget.

What if you don’t need new tires yet, but do need them rotated and balanced? We also have a pothole special. For just $89.95, our technicians will perform a four-wheel alignment, tire balance, and tire rotation.

How to Tell You Need New Tires

Knowing that you can get new tires near me for a competitive price is one thing, but how do you know you need Toyota tires near me? You should inspect your tires once a month and bring your auto in or replace the tires if you notice any of the following issues:

Tread Wear

The classic indicator that you need new Toyota tires near me is if the tread gets too low. Irregular or excessive tread wear can put your safety at risk, as you may not be able to stop when necessary. So, if the tread is too low, you need new tires near me.

You can check tire tread with the penny test. Many new tires also have tread wear indicator bars that appear as your tread gets too low.

But you should also keep in mind that tread wear may indicate another issue. If you don’t take care of the underlying problem, your new tires will wear out faster than normal. Unusual tread wear can indicate alignment issues, overinflation, or underinflation.

Damage to the Tires

Even if your tread is fine, but the tires are otherwise damaged, you may need new Toyota tires near me. Look for scrapes, cracks, bulges, or cuts in the sidewall. Any of these may reduce the physical integrity of the tire, putting you at risk of a blowout or another issue.

Tire damage can occur when you drive over potholes or speed bumps or hit curbs. It can also happen due to speeding, hard turns, hard braking, rapid acceleration, or dry rot when you don’t use the car for a while.

Get Your New Tires at University Toyota

Our team at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, is ready to assist you when you need new tires near me. We can help you choose your new tires and install them for you. Our selection includes a range of sizes, brands, and styles, so whether you want performance tires, all-season tires, or another type, we have you covered. We can also handle all of your tire maintenance needs, such as rotations, balancing, and alignment.