Need a Rental Car? University Toyota Is Here for You!

August 20th, 2021 by

No matter why you need a rental car in Morgantown, you won’t regret renting one from University Toyota. Maybe you need a car for business in a nearby city, or your car is in the shop. We’re always here to help.


You may not be used to the option of renting a car from a dealership, but we are happy to offer this service in Morgantown. We realized that there simply aren’t enough options for rentals in Morgantown and decided to fill this gap.


Rent Any Type of Vehicle


Our rental car choices at University Toyota are divided into six categories, with something for everyone. You can rent an economy car, a standard car, a full-size car, a luxury vehicle, a minivan, or a standard SUV. This makes it possible to get as much space or luxury as you want with your rental.


Flexible Rental Terms and Transparent Pricing


You don’t have to worry about whether you can rent a car for just a few hours or a month at University Toyota, as we offer flexible rental car terms. For further transparency, you can view our rental rates for each type of vehicle right on our website. The chart includes our hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. This transparency lets you figure out which rental term makes the most sense, given your needs and budget.


Rent in a Range of Situations


There is no limit to why you may need a rental car, even if you already own a car in Morgantown. Maybe you have a road trip planned and would rather have a car with more modern features than yours has. Or maybe you and some friends are going somewhere just outside of Morgantown and need to rent a minivan so you can carpool. Maybe you need an SUV for a couple of hours so you can buy some bulky furniture. Or maybe you just want to drive a luxury car for a few hours. We also commonly suggest rental cars to people who are between cars or have a car in our service center.


With our affordable rental car rates, you can even consider briefly renting a car model you may want to buy. You can think of it as an affordable extended test-drive before you commit to buying. After all, if you rent a car for a few days or even a week, you will be able to see how it does with your regular activities in Morgantown, from grocery shopping to dropping off your family at activities.


Get Your Next Rental Car From University Toyota


The next time you need a rental car, stop by University Toyota in Morgantown, West Virginia. We offer a variety of types of rental cars and extend competitive prices. On top of that, we offer the flexibility to rent a car for as long or short of a time as you want. If you don’t want to leave home, you can request a rental through our website. If you prefer, you can also talk to us via live chat, text, or over the phone.

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