Mileage Vs. Age When Buying Pre-owned in Morgantown, WV

August 10th, 2022 by

When you buy pre-owned near me, it’s natural to have questions about how to choose the right car. One of the most common questions is whether age or mileage matters more. Take a closer look at what matters the most when buying a used car from University Toyota. 


Why Age and Mileage Matter


If a vehicle has more miles or is older, it theoretically has more wear and tear. This means you may have to make more repairs and do so sooner than you would with a younger car with fewer miles. 


But They Both Come With Caveats


While age and mileage seem important on the surface, they are far from the only factors to remember when you buy pre-owned near me. After all, both come with crucial caveats. 


Let’s start with the mileage. Not all miles will cause the same amount of wear and tear on your car. Stop-and-go city driving, for example, is harder on the vehicle than lots of highway driving. Even the conditions the car drove through make a difference, with dusty and dirty environments causing more wear. 


And whether looking at miles or age, the vehicle’s condition is much more important. 


Condition and Maintenance Are the Most Important 


A newer car with low mileage can easily be in worse condition than an older one with more miles depending on their treatment. Even skipping oil changes and regular maintenance for a year or two can have long-lasting effects on a vehicle. By contrast, a well-maintained older vehicle may be able to run for years to come. 


How to Check Maintenance


If maintenance and the auto’s overall condition are the most important factors when you buy pre-owned near me, how do you check these things? 


The simplest method is to ask for maintenance records. Maintenance records will let you confirm that the car had all of its regularly scheduled maintenance done. While at it, check the vehicle history report for any major accidents. 


An inspection is also a crucial part of the process. While it’s always best to get maintenance records, not all owners have them, and that shouldn’t stop you from buying a used car. However, you should never skip the inspection. 


You should always have a car inspected before buying it. A thorough inspection by a trained mechanic will confirm that the vehicle in question is in good condition and will spot any potential expensive (or even minor) repairs. Or opt for a certified pre-owned car, which will have already undergone a rigorous inspection. 


Choose a Reputable Dealership


Perhaps the best way to buy pre-owned near me with confidence is to buy from a reputable dealership. They will have inspected their cars to ensure they are in reasonable condition. After all, they have a reputation to maintain. 


Get a Reliable Pre-owned Car at University Toyota


When you are ready to buy pre-owned near me, head to University Toyota in Morgantown, WV. We have a variety of reliable pre-owned models, including your choice of model years and odometer readings. We even have certified pre-owned cars if you want extra confidence in your vehicle.

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