Looking for a Good Toyota Dealership in Morgantown, WV? Look at Reviews!

December 20th, 2020 by

It sounds obvious, but most folks don’t always consult multiple sources before buying a car. Too often, we rely on the anecdotal recommendations of people we know and trust, and while these are fine and dandy, it’s always wise to get a second opinion. When you search for reviews of a dealership online, you’ll get access to countless testimonies of real users, both those with good and bad experiences.


However, there are always those rare cases where you truly find a unicorn in the automotive industry: a dealership with a 5-star or 5/5 rating.


At University Toyota, we’re not shy about bragging—we are darn proud about our 5/5 rating on Cars.com, and today, we’ll explain how we earned that rating and why it matters when buying a new or used Toyota.

Reputation is Everything

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “A man’s word is his bond, and his bond is everything.” In other words, you’re ultimately judged by your actions, and therefore, the collective assessment or distillation of your actions are everything.


At University Toyota, we take that philosophy to heart. It’s absolutely critical that you take a good hard look at any dealership before doing business with them. Shady sales staff indicates shady management, and a shady management team indicates a systemic culture of unscrupulous tactics that lead to bad deals and bad customer service experiences.


We pride ourselves on shattering every false or bad myth you might believe about car dealerships. When you join our family, you’ll learn that we’re in it to serve you for the long haul, not just that first time we meet you.

Service With a Smile

Beyond simply buying a new or used Toyota, the relationship extends to service and other aspects of owning a Toyota. At University Toyota, we don’t stop smiling after the deal is closed. We want you to trust us to handle your service and maintenance needs, and should you eventually like to upgrade to a newer model, we want to be there to satisfy that request.


Having the privilege to serve you starts with understanding that we’re in the people business, not the car business. We’ve largely earned our impeccable reputation due in large part to our emphasis of putting the customer first, and sure, not forgetting about your Toyota either.

See For Yourself Why University Toyota has a 5/5 on Cars.com

Getting a perfect rating on the world’s largest dealership review site is no easy feat, but we’ve accomplished it through hard work and flawless commitment to service. Visit University Toyota today and come see for yourself. 

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