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Is your car’s heating system ready for winter?

Winter is approaching quickly in Morgantown, WV. One thing that you don’t want to discover when you get into your vehicle on the first cold day is that your heating system isn’t working properly. That’s why it’s important to get a thorough inspection by the experts at our service center. Your car’s heating system is responsible for both heating and defrosting your car. Schedule an appointment with University Toyota today.

Here are some signs your heating system may need servicing:

  • Your windows are fogged up: If your vehicle’s windows aren’t defrosted quickly when you turn on your car’s system or they seem to have condensation forming on the inside, it’s probably time for service.

  • You’re cold your entire commute: It takes a while for your vehicle to heat up, but if you find that your vehicle is not warming up even when you’ve been on the road a while, it might be time to bring your car into University Toyota’s service department.

  • No air is coming through the vents: This is an obvious one. If you turn your system on and no air blows out of the vents, you have an issue. Schedule service today.

  • You smell a sweet smell: Coolant leaks smell sweet. Sometimes, they make puddles on the floor. A coolant leak will affect your heating system.

  • Your fan is louder than normal: If your fan motor starts roaring when you turn your heating system on, you may have a faulty fan motor that should be checked out by professionals before the icy winter months hit.

Don’t delay. Stop by University Toyota today or call 304-244-3519 so we can help keep you and your passengers warm this winter.