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Is an SUV right for me?

There are plenty of SUVs with a wide range of prices to fit everyone’s budget. SUVs are arranged by size:compact, mid-size and full-size. However, there are also crossover SUVs, luxury SUVs, and more. The SUV that is right for you should be based on the way you use your vehicle and your everyday needs.

University Toyota recommends getting an understanding of all the SUVs in the industry. Researching will give you the knowledge about what each might provide. For example, a mid-size SUV depending on the make and model, might have four-wheel-drive standard on all their models, whereas a compact SUV may not have it standard but as an option.

When deciding which SUV or car is best, many base their decisions on the three items listed below.

  • Size
  • Price Point First Aid Kit
  • Performance


If you plan on having many passengers in your car and want everyone to be happy with their space, consider the mid-size or full-size options. Typically, these will also have the most leg room and head room for tall passengers or for additional items you might need to fit in your vehicle, making them a great choice if you haul a lot as well.

Price Point

Usually, the price is where we see the most hesitation. Everyone has a set budget and at University Toyota, we like to stick to it! We offer new and used SUVs in all sizes. The options are endless. We’ll help you find something that you can afford.


Compact, mid-size, sporty and full-size will all perform differently. Compact SUVs have a body-frame based off a sedan, which means their performance mirrors that of a car. These will be good as regular commuter vehicles. Typically, you’ll find more power when it comes to a sporty SUV, they are meant to have quiet but powerful engines. Full-size SUVs are the most powerful in our opinion. Why? Not only does their engine usually have more torque but they have the ability to haul more.

If you’re looking for a great SUV, we have it all. Our inventory is full of used and new SUVs, so stop by or give us a call at 304-244-3519 today to get started.