Here’s Why You Should Make a Toyota RAV4 for Sale in Brookhaven, WV Your Next Car

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Toyota is a brand that has recognition around the world but amongst its most beloved vehicles, the RAV4 is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Originally named the Recreational Activity Vehicle, RAV4 is now its preferred moniker.


As the name suggests, this is a vehicle that is built for…well…recreational activities! Whether it’s roadtrips, daily commutes, or special occasions, the RAV4 can take you where you need to go in safe and exhilarating fashion.


So should you make a toyota rav4 for sale in brookhaven, wv your next vehicle? In short: yes!


Here’s why.

The RAV4 is Built for Adventure

One of the best parts about the RAV4 is its versatility. Toyota as a brand has perfected the idea of practical driving machines, and when it comes to the RAV4, there is no doubt that it’s a practical driving machine. Beyond the features that are inside of the vehicle’s interior, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that comes under the hood as well.


The RAV4 is equipped with all-wheel-drive standard, making it one of the strongest vehicles on the road if you’re looking to dominate tough terrain. As you access different trims here at University Toyota, we can help you find the RAV4 package that is built for exactly what you’re looking to do when you hit the road.


For example, if you upgrade to our RAV4 Adventure or Limited trims, you’ll enjoy Toyota’s proprietary Dynamic Torque Vectoring AWD system. Essentially, this transfer half of the RAV4’s power output to your rear tires, allowing you take on the toughest terrain around.


Even the RAV4’s Hybrid version is super tough on terrain! You won’t encounter terrain that you can’t handle when you’re behind the wheel of the RAV4!

The RAV4 is Ready to Perform

Performance enables the RAV4 to be as adventurous as it is, but among the biggest standouts, the RAV4’s roaring 2.5L 4 cylinder engine and 8-speed automatic transmission make it an intuitive and engaging drive. Daily commutes and weekend adventures are seamlessly interchangeable, and your RAV4 won’t have any trouble at all multitasking or changing identities from weekend warrior to daily professional!


The RAV4 even features interchangeable drive modes, making it easier to transition from long-duration cruises to shorter more explosive escapades. Speaking of explosive escapades, you can even change the RAV4’s terrain settings. This will empower your RAV4 to adapt its traction and control to the environment as needed.


Forget questioning whether or not your vehicle can tackle exhilarating excursions wherever the road takes you. 

Looking for a Toyota RAV4 for Sale in Brookhaven, WV? Come to University Toyota!

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