Here’s How the Features of the New Toyota Sienna Will Keep You Safe on the Roads of West Virginia

Ensuring a safe journey is the prime concern for any vehicle owner. The Sienna is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a safe new Toyota in West Virginia. It comes with Toyota Safety Sense, a dedicated safety package.

What Makes Toyota Safety Sense a Vital Component of the Toyota Sienna?
Designed with a focus on safety and protection, Toyota Safety Sense encompasses a range of features, including:

● Steering Assist with Lane Departure Alert
● Full-Speed Range Radar Cruise Control
● Pedestrian Detection with Pre-Collision Feature
● Road Sign Help
● Lane Tracing Assist
● High Beams

Here’s a closer look at each of these safety features:

Steering Assist With Lane Departure Alert
This feature remains alert at speeds above 32 miles per hour. It detects lane markings to warn you if your new Toyota in West Virginia is drifting from your lane. If you don’t respond, the system will take action. It provides corrective steering to keep you on track.

Pedestrian Detection With Pre-Collision System
Arguably, this is one of the most crucial safety features of this new Toyota in West Virginia. It can detect vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists in your path. If the system anticipates a collision, it issues an audible and visual warning. If you can’t respond in time, it will take control and apply the brakes.

Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
Once activated, this feature assists you in maintaining a predetermined distance from the vehicle ahead. It can make long trips more pleasant.

Automatic High Beams
This system is designed for optimal visibility, even in poor lighting, and detects approaching headlights. It then toggles between high and low beams when necessary.

Lane Tracing Assist
Working together with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, this feature uses lane markers to help your new Toyota in West Virginia stay centered in your lane. It also offers active driving assistance when needed.

Road Sign Assist
This system uses an intelligent camera to identify different road signs. These include stop signs, do not enter signs, and speed limit signs. It displays them on the Multi-Information Display system of your new Toyota in West Virginia.

Additional Toyota Sienna Safety Features to Rely On
Besides the features mentioned, as part of Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, the Sienna offers even more safety components, including:

● Five Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH)
● Rear Cross-Traffic Alert with Blind Spot Monitor
● Rear-Seat Reminder

Also, the Sienna is equipped with an Advanced Airbag System. It includes 10 airbags strategically positioned around the cabin for maximum safety.

Experience the Reassurance of the Toyota Sienna Today
The standard safety features in this new Toyota in West Virginia provide comfort and reassurance for all passengers. But the Sienna offers more than just safety features. It boasts a robust engine, exceptional handling under various road conditions, and modern conveniences that enhance your commute.

When you’re ready to explore this vehicle further, our team at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, is eager to assist. To expedite your visit, we encourage you to use our online credit approval system. In addition, we can inform you about our current vehicle offers and help secure financing.