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Let the Toyota Camry Amaze You

How could a midsize sedan capture your imagination?  This car class is mired with the most boring and practical models that offer you things like efficiency and safety which make you feel more like a boring old adult than a fun-loving kid.  Thankfully, one of the most popular models in this class is also a car that has an imaginative approach to make sure you can have the drive you’re looking for.  Take a look at the Toyota Camry at your local Toyota dealership in Morgantown, WV and figure out which version of this car will be the one you take home today.

The Camry is Suddenly Sexy

Your parents drove the Toyota Camry and you might not have thought it would ever be considered a sexy model to drive.  The current version of the Toyota Camry at University Toyota can be called sexy and it has the lines, smooth style, and sophisticated look that you want when you’re ready to get behind the wheel for a drive.  The addition of the double-wishbone rear suspension gives this car a dynamic drive and makes it more fun for you to toss it around in the corners.  The Toyota Camry isn’t a car that is just a pretty face, its sensual in every way.

Safety Abound from Toyota

Of course, the Toyota team knows that you might drive the Camry as the family sedan that you love to use for the errands and activities that you’ve got every week.  This means the inclusion of the Toyota Safety Sense P package of features will keep you safe when you’re on the road.  You’ll enjoy the fact that you have adaptive cruise control, automatic high beams, collision warnings, emergency braking, pedestrian detection, and lane-departure warning with steering assist to make it easy for you to avoid an accident.  Take a test drive at your nearby Toyota dealership in Morgantown, WV and review these features.

Of Course its Efficient

You expect the Toyota Camry, which has been trusted as the family sedan more than any other, to keep your budget in mind.  The Camry Hybrid model is one that brings you the efficiency you want with more than 50 mpg on the highway.  If you’re looking for the fuel-sipping model that can give you the savings that you’ll enjoy every time you get behind the wheel to take this car for a drive.  If savings are sexy to you, this is the car that will make you swoon and be the attractive model you’ll want to drive.

Excellence in the Toyota You Know

Get behind the wheel of the Toyota Camry and you’ll be glad to see the package of features and items that will make the drive right for you.  This is a car that’s been transformed from a boring and practical model to become a car that has the drive you want to enjoy.  See the team at University Toyota and know that you’ve found the right car at your local Toyota dealership in Morgantown, WV today.

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