Find the Best Air Filters for Your Car at University Toyota

May 16th, 2022 by

Your cabin air filter is crucial for the functionality of your car. To ensure that it keeps working as it should, University Toyota proudly offers air filter replacements in addition to other maintenance and repairs.

What the Air Filter Does

To understand why your cabin air filter is so important, it helps to know what it does. The engine air filter is responsible for stopping contaminants from getting into your engine, where they could damage it. Simply put, your engine needs to have a clean air filter to run properly.

If your cabin air filter is dirty, this can reduce your engine life. It can also reduce your vehicle’s efficiency and performance. A quick inspection at University Toyota will tell us if you need to change the filter.

How Often to Check Your Filter

Because of the importance of your cabin air filter, we suggest checking it at every regular service visit. Luckily, our University Toyota team already includes your air filter on our to-do list during your visit. This is a quick task, so we’ll handle it for you.

Can You Clean an Air Filter?

Cabin air filters are typically disposable, so they aren’t designed to be cleaned. Nonetheless, you can technically use compressed air to clear it out a little. But there are two important caveats. First, know that this is not recommended, and it may affect performance or efficiency. Secondly, don’t do it while your car is still in warranty. If your vehicle is under warranty, you must follow the official recommendations, including changing the cabin air filter.

How to Choose an Air Filter

While we suggest you use a Toyota Genuine Air Filter, we understand that some people won’t agree with that advice. At the very least, you need to make sure that whichever cabin air filter you select is the right size for your car. You can find your air filter size online by entering your brand and vehicle. But make sure you enter everything correctly, including the brand of the air filter you are looking at. This is crucial because most brands follow different numbering systems.

Let University Toyota Check and Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

You don’t have to handle your air filter yourself unless you want to. Schedule a service at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, to have our team inspect your air filter. If it needs replacing, we can do so right away using Toyota Genuine parts. We can do the replacement quickly, and you will soon be on your way, enjoying improved efficiency and performance.

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