Hybrid vs. Electric Vehicles

toyota lineup of hybrid vehicles with charging station

Gas prices keep climbing, so you might be thinking about ways to make your Fairmont commute more affordable by getting a hybrid or electric car. Which would be better for your needs? Is there a difference? If you’re having a hybrid vs. electric car debate, we’re here to help. University Toyota has put together a hybrid cars vs. electric cars comparison below to break which one you should opt for.

Hybrid vs. Electric Car – Charging

Electric cars are completely electric, so they will need to be plugged in regularly to charge. An almost complete charge can take about half an hour if you find a public level 2 charging unit. A level 2 home unit can take a couple of hours, depending on the vehicle, whereas just plugging your car into a 120v outlet can take over 12 hours. Most hybrid cars, on the other hand, do not need to be charged, as they are not completely electric. The gas engine charges the battery as the car runs, so this may be the more convenient option for busy Morgantown drivers.

Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Cars – Gas Mileage

Hybrid cars get pretty high gas mileage. The Toyota Prius Hybrid, for instance, can deliver an estimated 54 miles per gallon. The plug-in hybrid Prius Prime, however, can deliver an equivalent of 133 miles per gallon. Gas mileage isn’t even a consideration with fully electric cars, on the other hand. They are powered completely by a battery and an electric motor, producing zero emissions. So, you may never have the need to visit another Kingwood gas station if you continue to choose an EV whenever you shop for a new car.

Hybrid vs. Electric Car – Cost

The sticker price on a hybrid car is typically much lower than on a fully electric vehicle. It’s not hard to find a hybrid vehicle, like the Toyota Corolla Hybrid priced in the low $20K. However, an electric car requires no stops at the fuel pump and very little maintenance. That means you won’t be paying for regular oil changes among other maintenance services that a gas-powered or hybrid car requires. There may also be government incentives for fully electric vehicles whether it is on a federal or local level. Discover more benefits of electric cars here!

Check Out the Hybrid Cars at University Toyota

We hope you’ve found this hybrid cars vs. electric cars comparison to be helpful. We have a whole line of hybrid cars to choose from at University Toyota. Come check them out in Morgantown as well as our new vehicle specials. We’re just down the road from Deep Creek, MD, so drop by or contact us today!

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