Exploring the All-New Toyota Avalon

October 7th, 2020 by


When people think of Toyota, the first names that tend to come to mind are Corolla and Camry, but most people forget that there is a hidden gem in the Toyota lineup: the Toyota Avalon. The Avalon is an amazing vehicle, not just because of its ability to hide under the radar, but most importantly, the fact it delivers a lot of impressive performance capabilities that most other vehicles simply don’t bring to the table.


Unlike other members of the Toyota lineup, the Avalon is an unabashed member of the luxury vehicle lineup, a lineup that doesn’t have a lot of compatriots. While the most opulent and ostentatious among us would be the first to stick their noses up in the air at the mere sight of an Avalon, rest assured, Avalon owners: your Avalon packs more of a punch than their overpriced European autos.


Instead of paying more for a name brand, pay for the name brand. The Toyota name is one that brings more than 90 years of automotive excellence to bear and rest assured, the Avalon is just another vehicle in a long line of many impressive automobiles.


The all-new Avalon is yet another great addition to this historic legacy. Here are some of the standout stats and specs.

The All-New Toyota Avalon: Brainy and Brawny

Big muscles are great but big muscles and a big brain are always better. The Avalon is the best of both worlds in this regard. With its high-tech integration, 3.5L 6 cylinder engine, and 8-speed automatic transmission, you’re getting a vehicle that will roar past the competition and outsmart them, too.


That’s because the Avalon is built for the tech nerd who likes to go fast. Avalon features built-in ApplePlay compatibility, letting you immediately sync-up your iPhone and seamlessly (and safely) communicate with your contacts on the go.

Luxurious Stylings

Yes, it’s a Toyota, but it doesn’t mean it’s luxury averse. The Toyota Avalon enables you to enjoy a luxurious experience without the absurd price tag. Pay thousands less and get way more headroom, ample leg space, deft and stolid trimmings and stylings, and a cockpit reminiscent of luxury sedans with tens of thousands of more dollars on their price tags.


And from the outside, it’s clear: the Avalon is a legitimate full-size luxury sedan, but shhh, don’t tell anybody we said the “L” word. They might get jealous. 

Own America’s Most Underrated Full-Size Sedan: the All-New Toyota Avalon

The jury is in: the all-new Toyota Avalon is a must-own vehicle. At University Toyota, we’ve proudly served the Morgantown community for decades, now it’s your term to experience our out-of-this-world commitment to excellence. Come visit us today and drive off in an all-new Toyota Avalon. 

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