Experience the All-New 2021 Toyota Venza

February 23rd, 2021 by

Before you read on, do me a favor.


Close your eyes.


You’re sitting in the passenger seat of a midsize luxury SUV. Your palms rest on the supple leather sides. It’s just the right amount of plushness, but your fingertips feel the slightly firm leather as you glide your hands across the seat.


Then you feel the dashboard.


From just your touch, you presume it’s handcrafted. The curvature of the dash turns into a chilly freeze as your hands touch the center console. You can sense just how brilliantly built this vehicle must be.


Next (with your seatbelt on of course), you feel the ignition activate, the subtle rumble of the machine whirs to life. Someone put it in drive, and surely, from the rapid acceleration, it must be a premium luxury SUV.


“How much would you pay for this?”, I ask you.


“Oh, easily…$50,000? Maybe $75,000?,” you reply.


How about $32,000? And, oh yeah, we lied.


You weren’t sitting in some overpriced luxury SUV; you were sitting inside of the all-new 2021 Toyota Venza, the market’s finest midsize premium SUV without the premium price tag.


Here’s what makes the Venza a must-own SUV for any price point.

A Masterfully Crafted Interior

Our description wasn’t exaggeration. This is an amazing car, especially from the inside looking out. Your occupants will sink into the comfortable seats. You and your front-seat passenger will have a beautiful view of the world around them as you effortlessly coast through the cityscape or countryside.


Your Venza’s plush leather seats, finely built center console and dash, as well as the space between each driving pillar come together to form a soothing inside. You’ll love being inside of your Venza, whether you’re in control or just along for the ride.

An Electrifying Performance

Not everyone expects a Toyota to drive like a luxury vehicle, but this one does. Your Venza is equipped with a 4-cylinder part gas, part electric powertrain that beats a Jeep Grand Cherokee in a 0-60 sprint.


It by no means feels like a racecar, but it is graceful around turns and accelerating to keep pace with its counterparts on the roadway.


At the pump, which you’ll rarely visit, expect to get 40 mpg city and 37 highway, both of which are absolutely absurd numbers for an SUV. While there are a lot of vehicles on the roadway today that get a lot of hype for being all-electric, the truth is, the Toyota Venza is the best both worlds, giving you the flexibility to save gas but still refuel where you’re most comfortable.


Again, not exaggeration, but you will not find a comparably economical vehicle in this class, especially at this price point.

Own the 2021 Toyota Venza

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