Essential Pet Car Accessories You Need Today

September 2nd, 2022 by

From protecting your auto from damage to keeping your dog safe on the road, there are some essential pet car accessories that any dog owner should keep in mind. The right accessories from University Toyota will also prevent your furry friend from distracting you as you drive, helping keep you safe on the road. If you aren’t sure what accessories you need, consider the following. 


Seat Covers

If you only get one of the pet car accessories on this list, we suggest that it should be seat covers. These will prevent your seats from getting accidentally scratched. It can also prevent stains from dog drool. Not to mention removable seat covers make it much easier to remove excess fur and give the material a deep clean. 


Dog Hammock

An alternative to seat covers that will also protect your pooch is a rear-seat hammock. This covers your upholstery, but it also keeps your pup contained in the rear seats. That helps any time you make sudden turns. It also makes it significantly harder for your pup to distract you while you drive, reducing your risk of accidents. 


Door Protectors

Your seats aren’t the only part of your auto to protect with pet car accessories. Your dog is also likely to accidentally scratch your doors. This can easily lead to dents or unsightly scratches that hurt the appearance of your auto. If the scratches are bad enough, they can cause more than aesthetic damage. But door protectors prevent all these issues. 


Dog Booster Seat

Like the hammock, a booster seat is one of the pet car accessories that protect your pup and limit distractions by keeping him in one spot. These seats are designed to safely and comfortably contain your pup. They tend to be height-adjustable, so you can set them up in a way that your pooch can see out the window. They typically connect to your pup’s leash or harness, or they may include a safety leash. 


Dog Seat Belt

You don’t even need to get a booster seat to contain your pup in one spot in the car. Seat belts connect to your car on one end and your dog’s harness or leash on the other. This is yet another option for pet car accessories to avoid distractions and injuries. 


Cargo Area Covers

Or maybe you prefer to keep your pup in the cargo area. In that case, you want pet car accessories to protect that part of your auto from damage. Cargo area floor covers are a great choice. You will find options that also cover the sides of the cargo area so your car’s interior walls are safe. 


Find Pet Car Accessories at University Toyota

Whether you need accessories for your pet or want other accessories for your auto, you can find them at University Toyota in Morgantown, WV. We have a variety of parts and accessories that can upgrade your auto, from its performance to its tech and entertainment. Or, if your dogs have already destroyed your current auto, visit our dealership to find your next one.

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