College Student or Recent Grad? Get an Amazing Rebate from University Toyota!

February 1st, 2021 by

Graduating college is one of the greatest milestones in any person’s life. After years of hard work, dedication, fun times, and lifelong memories, it’s time to enter the brave new world of adulthood! But what if I told you that beyond the amazing academic achievements you’ve notched on your belt could also earn an unbelievable rebate for your hard work, courtesy of University Toyota!?


You read that right!


University Toyota is offering an unbeatable rebate that gives you great savings and cold hard cash for graduating school. Here’s what you need to know about our legendary Toyota Graduate program.

College Grad Rebate and Finance Program

Once you graduate from a select accredited degree program, you’re officially eligible to earn a $500 rebate courtesy of our rebate and finance program. So what can you expect from this program once you’re eligible for it?

No Monthly Payments for 3 Months

For the first 90 days, all monthly payments are waived, meaning you can focus on your new or certified pre-owned Toyota rather than worrying about making the monthly payment. Once payments resume, you won’t have to make them up either.

Eligible on All New Toyota Vehicles

The best aspect of this rebate special is the opportunity to get money back when investing in a new Toyota vehicle. Please note: this special program is not eligible on pre-owned Toyota vehicles.

Proof of Employment or Future Employment

To be eligible for the program, be prepared to provide proof of current employment or potential future employment. Remember, even if you don’t have a job at the moment, University Toyota is prepared to reward you for investing in your future. 

Get a Rebate on a Myriad of All-New Toyota Vehicles

No matter the dream Toyota you’ve had your sights set on, we’ve got an amazing selection at University Toyota. Whether you’re looking at something smaller, like a mid-size sedan, such as the Camry or Corolla, or perhaps, a full-size SUV, like the Highlander, we’ve got an amazing Toyota just waiting for you!

Buy or Lease a New Toyota With My Recent Grad Rebate?

Can’t decide between buying or leasing a new Toyota with your recent grad rebate? No problem! We can help! Whether you’re buying or leasing, this special means you can get $500 back towards any new Toyota purchase or lease. We can even help you negotiate your contract to get reduced interest payments on your monthly obligations.

Take Advantage of University Toyota’s Recent Grad Rebate Special

Ready for something spectacular? Check out University Toyota’s recent grad rebate special today! Beyond great savings, you’ll be able to come away with an investment that will last you a lifetime, all courtesy of University Toyota! 

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