Celebrate Graduation With Our University Toyota College Graduate Program

If you are about to graduate or recently graduated, you should take advantage of the University Toyota College Graduate Program. This program gives you a rebate on your next auto. You deserve it after working so hard to complete your degree.

The Basics

The most important part of the University Toyota College Graduate Program is the rebate. You get a $500 rebate on your vehicle. You just need to finance or lease via our Toyota dealership and Toyota Financial Service.

More Than a Rebate

While the $500 rebate is perhaps the first part of the University Toyota College Graduate Program you’ll notice, it is far from the only benefit. Select finance programs also come with no monthly payments for as long as 90 days. You will also notice that we offer competitive lease terms and APRs on eligible contracts.

Qualifications for the University Toyota College Graduate Program

As mentioned, one requirement for the rebate is to take advantage of Toyota Financial Services. Our University Toyota College Graduate Program is easy-to-understand, and our finance team is happy to help you meet this requirement.

The other requirement is that you must be a recent or upcoming college grad. It is open to graduates from certain accredited degree programs. These range from two-year associate degree programs to four-year undergrad programs to graduate schools.

In terms of vehicles, you can choose from any of the new unlicensed Toyotas. The program doesn’t apply to certified used vehicles, but those are already such a great deal that you won’t need an extra rebate to afford them.

Graduation and Employment Requirements

As mentioned, you can be a recent college grad or have an upcoming graduation to qualify. Specifically, you can apply for the University Toyota College Graduate Program if you graduated within the last two calendar years or if you will graduate in the next six months. Our finance team will ask for proof of this.

We will also ask for proof of your future employment or proof that you are currently employed.

Available Vehicles

This program applies to all new unlicensed Toyotas. These include the following models:

• 4Runner (2022 or 2023)
• Avalon (2022)
• Avalon Hybrid (2022)
• C-HR (2022)
• Camry (2022 or 2023)
• Camry Hybrid (2022 or 2023)
• Corolla (2022 or 2023)
• Corolla Cross (2022 or 2023)
• Corolla Hatchback (2022 or 2023)
• Corolla Hybrid (2022 or 2023)
• GR Corolla (2023)
• GR Supra (2022 or 2023)
• GR86 (2022 or 2023)
• Highlander (2022 or 2023)
• Highlander Hybrid (2022 or 2023)
• Mirai (2022 or 2023)
• Prius (2022 or 2023)
• Prius Prime (2022 or 2023)
• RAV4 (2022 or 2023)
• RAV4 Hybrid (2022 or 2023)
• RAV4 Prime (2022 or 2023)
• Sequoia (2022 or 2023)
• Sienna (2022 or 2023)
• Tacoma (2022 or 2023)
• Toyota Crown (2023)
• Tundra (2022)
• Tundra i-FORCE MAX (2022 or 2023)
• Venza (2022 or 2023)
• bZ4x (2023)

Get Your Rebate at University Toyota

At University Toyota in Morgantown, WV, we make it easy for you to take advantage of our College Graduate Program. Just talk to our finance department to learn about the details, including how to show your eligibility for the program. Then, browse our new vehicles and take your preferred model for a test drive.