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Buying Your First Car

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about vehicles, there may be things that can trip you up when purchasing your first car. Our team at University Toyota is committed to our customers’ satisfaction and will help you navigate the process. We want to provide you with the knowledge to go with your experience.

Your buying experience begins way before you visit the dealership. Read on to find out more.


Set a realistic budget factoring in your current finances. Remember you will have a monthly car payment, which will depend on the amount you put down. Insurance rates can go up, and you will also want to factor in maintenance costs.


With the multiple makes and models on the market, finding the right vehicle can be overwhelming. To find the car meant for your driving necessities, begin with research.

  • Ask yourself if you want an SUV, truck, midsize sedan, or van
  • List all the must-haves
  • Write down the pros and cons of vehicles you’re interested in

Test Drive

You might like the look and everything the car offers based on the car’s online description but what if you don’t like the feel of the car? We recommend stopping by and test driving all vehicles of interest.


At our dealership, we work with all budgets. It all begins with a credit application. If you decide to finance with us, start the application online to get pre-qualified or stop by our dealership in Morgantown, West Virginia to talk to our financing experts.

Once you look at all your options and decide to make the next move, visit our dealership to test drive. You can call 304-244-3519 to make an appointment or visit during our operating hours.